That was a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin, but its relevance is still greatly significant today. Who hasn’t been left out of pocket at least once when sharing expenses with friends?

Yes, it happens to us all, and yes, once in a while you can let it slip, but when it gets to that stage where you actually think twice about making plans with certain people or organizing activities for groups mainly because people don’t pay their part, that can be frustrating.

Here are some of the most common excuses we hear over and over again:


For the sports enthusiasts amongst you.

David: Jeff, you still owe me money from hiring the football pitch these last 4 months.

Jeff: I know man, I was waiting to get paid but in the end I had to pay some other stuff. I´ll get it to you next month.

David: I’m getting a bit tired of this situation, from now on we’re going to start using Paytween to manage these expenses.


Is it your turn to organize a bachelorette party this time?

Tania: Let’s make it extravagant, with fancy dress, a surprise destination and an unforgettable girls night out!

Laura: Sounds fun, but the costs can easily get out of hand.

Tania: Let’s start planning, and then share the expenses with Paytween, all stress free.


For those of you planning a weekend get-away with friends.

Earl: We need to pay the rest of the deposit for the apartment by the end of the week.  

Chris: Martin already booked the car rental.

Matt: I paid for the festival tickets but Chris still owes me from the last concert…

Earl: This is getting complicated. It’s a ball going away with you guys but trying to keep track of who spent what is a drag!


Tired of discussions about who paid what with your flatmates?

Mark: That’s the 3rd time I’ve had to replace the beers this week.

Stuart: Remember I paid the pizzas the other day when you didn’t have any cash on you!

Dan: Why don’t we start writing all these things down with Paytween and then share the costs each week? I can’t be bothered with all these who-paid-what arguments.  

Love your partner to bits but fed up of paying more than your half?

James: That was an awesome burger!

Rachel: Can you pay my bit this time? I haven’t got any cash.

James: It might only be a few dollars but what used to be a 50/50 split is slowly turning into a freeloader attitude!


Do you have children keen to attend birthday parties?

Sandra: Any ideas of what we can give Simon for his 5th birthday?

Liz: The bike we got Karen went down well. Simon could do with a bigger one too.

Sandra: OK, I can purchase one online, but two of the group’s members still haven’t paid me for the last time.

Got a colleague who is leaving the company?

Claire: Let’s make Charlie feel special and join up with work mates for a leaving gift.

Mike: Good idea! But I wouldn’t ask Steve – he’s got a bad track record when it comes to repaying.

Claire: That shouldn’t be a problem, I know of a great App for sharing expenses…

Don’t miss out on social plans. Paytween is designed to let you concentrate on having fun whilst the App keeps track of IOUs, the calculations and even facilitates the payment. Take the hassle out of sharing expenses.