How can I get started with Paytween?

Firstly you need to download the app to your smartphone from an app store. Secondly you have to synchronize your contacts and then you’ll be ready to create a group in which you’ll be able to add expenses and chat with your friends.

Which electronic payment methods can be used in Paytween?

Depending on the country you’ll be able to use Paypal, Bizum, Twyp, Venmo, Square Cash, Revolut, Swish, Paytm, WeChat and many others.

For which operating systems is Paytween available?

iOS and Android.

How are the groups created?

People you know who have also downloaded Paytween automatically appear in your contacts list. You can then select the members of your group from this list.

How many people can participate in a group?

Up to a maximum of 50.

How many groups can I participate in at the same time?


How do I introduce an expense?

Once you have opened a specific group, you need to click the “currency” icon, write down the Amount spent, select a Category, write down a Description for that expense and select the members from the group who have participated in that expense.

Is it possible to introduce an expense in which only some members of a group participate?


How can I pay my debts?

You can pay your debts in the “Settle Up” tab of the App. You select which debt you want to pay and then you choose a payment method from the ones available between you and the person you want to pay.

Can I send a payment request to the group members who owe me money?

Yes, you can do this from the Settle Up tab.

Do all the group members need to use the same payment method?

No. Paytween provides the possibility of using multiple payment methods. In the Settings section, you can choose from a list of those which are available. You’ll need to have the selected payment method installed on your smartphone.